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Wang and the FDragon

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Wang and the Dragon

Director : Henri Heidsieck
Story : Pierre Azuélos
Scénario : Anik Le Ray
Graphic author : M. Truong
Producter : La Fabrique
TF1, Télétoon 


Wang, 7, is so little for his age that his schoolmates tease him relentlessly. One day, tricked by his “friends”, he falls into a river and is swept away. At last, his sister Ping finds him. As he lies in bed with a fever, she slips her lucky dragon charm around his neck…
That night, the dragon comes to life and swells to a colossal size. Entering its mouth - a vast cave - Wang finds three
huge, animated Buddhist statues tormented by a tiny monster. The small, agile boy catches the pest. To thank him, the statues grant his wish and make him big… too big! Having learnt his lesson, he asks to be returned to his original size.
Back in the everyday world, a little panda the children love is caught in a trap. Only Wang is brave and small enough to
slip inside and free it. Now all his playmates admire him and the teasing stops.



 Ce film a obtenu le prix du meilleur film de télévision au festival d'Annecy 2006, et a été sélectionné dans les festivals internationaux: Taïpeï (Taïwan), Animadrid et Fit Barcellona (Espagne), Anima (Belgique), Téhéran, Kaff (Hongrie), Krok (Ukraine) ...

Disponible en DVD chez Doriane Films. (Collection "Les Cadeaux")

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